Dear Friends of Yemen

YF Team continues its efforts to provide regular monthly care to protect and save the lives of more families & children in Yemen.

In the past months ‚Yemen Friends –Relief- Organization‘ was able to implement many emergency projects and relief activities that targeted and helped more than 275 displaced, affected families in Yemen.

In July 2018, with your contributions for our Humanitarian Appeal for the Al-Hodeida campaign, we were able to distribute 52 food baskets to displaced families, IDPs and refugees who had been forced to move from their homes in Al-Hodeida and are currently living in Sana’a and don’t have access to food.

In total we now managed to distribute food parcels to about 327 families and have helped more than 2,000 people in Yemen. This great success would not have been possible without your generous contributions.

Enough food to eat. That’s what the kids need.

Look at these pictures taken for the target families and you will discover the magnificence of the feeling that I cannot describe with word. We pray for more sponsors and donations because so many other hungry families were asking us: When will you come back to us?

Our success depends on your interaction and contribution.

We just want to say thank you all! In the name of all children and people that receive your and our help!

Faraj Al Matari