Our mission

The humanitarian situation in Yemen is deteriorating by the hour. The escalating conflict has put millions of people at risk and has led to some of the worst situation of hunger and malnutrition in the world. It is a problem that requires the aid and assistance of people working together to alleviate these conditions. The Yemeni community works tirelessly to help their families and friends in the troubled country. Friends and colleagues who worked or still working with international projects decided to establish a newly named voluntary non-profit local organisation.

Yemen Friends is a Yemeni voluntary organisation that aims to help the most war affected families in Yemen with food baskets and to bring a little happiness into the lives of many families.

  • We are providing immediate assistance to areas severely affected by the ongoing war in Yemen.
  • We are mainly focused on providing financial assistance to support the work of the volunteers inside Yemen who are in the field tending the injured, distributing medical supplies and providing food baskets to the most war affected families in Yemen.
  • We also strive to provide monthly food supplies as well as food trucks for individuals and families in the form of basic and essential staples such as rice, flour and oil.


What we do

Food packages, vouchers and direct cash are the most effective and efficient instruments to provide fast relief. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be working with our local partners to:

Food for Displaced Families

Distribute food packages for displaced families who had been forced to move from their homes in Taiz and Haja, and are currently living in Sana’a.

Food for Neighbours

Distribute food packages for displaced neighbours, family members and friends who are struggling to meet basic needs, and facing hunger on a daily basis.

Food Vouchers

Distribute food vouchers to families whose homes were destroyed in the conflict. These vouchers will give families access to wheat, rice, oil, beans and sugar to feed them for 4 months.

Small Cash Transfers

Cash money transfer to poor families who are struggling to provide food for their families.

Cholera Medical Aid

Cholera is affecting every part of the country and health facilities are struggling to cope. We support with cholera medical aid to the affected.

Winter Clothing

We provide winter clothing to orphan children during the cold season of the year.


Just imagine your own child or loved one dying right in front of your eyes due to malnutrition or preventable causes.

Your donation will truly make a difference to the lives of many people in Yemen! We completely depend on your donations to achieve our goals. The donations will be solely used through socially recognised NGOs & local initiatives in Yemen.

To make a donation via bank transfer in Germany please contact Florian Bemmerlein-Lux at flo(at)yemen-friends.org.

You can also use www.paypal.me/YemenFriends



Who we are

Yemen Friends Team is raising funds to support emergency life-saving initiatives for Yemenis urgently in need of medical supplies and food. We are working hard to get donations from personal donors and charities. All of our team members are volunteers, so all funds go directly to purchase the food and medical items.


Kai worked and lived in Yemen for several years, where he became close friends with many Yemeni colleagues and their families. It is just heart-breaking seeing so many families and children suffering from hunger and malnutrition. YF gives him the chance to call for action.


Faraj is a founding member of Yemen Friends. He worked as National Project Coordinator for different donors EU/GIZ/KFW and World Bank Project. Lately, as Senior National Project Expert for school management, teacher trainer and vocational guidance measures in a GIZ project on behalf of Integration Management Consult.


Florian worked with a team of Yemeni experts for 4 years in the area of vocational training. Although he never had the chance to visit this wonderful country, he became friends with the engaged and motivated partners and their families.


Amar is a Media and IT Expert who is desperately trying to reach out and raise awareness of the needs in Yemen.

Support us

Help us change lives of Yemen people for the better.

Check out our FB and join Yemen Friends against hunger www.facebook.com/Yemen.Friends2017

Share this information inviting friends to join our campaign.

Spread this in your community among friends and family. Info

+967-777168721 (mobile)

Sana’a, Republic of Yemen



Social Impact Intended








Food Packages




Aktivitätsbericht aus dem Jemen, Februar 2021

März 6, 2021

Liebe Freunde des Jemen, es ist mir ein großes Anliegen Euch allen für Euer Interesse und Eure Hilfsbereitschaft bei unseren Notfallprojekten

Aktivitätsbericht von Yemen Friends, Januar 2021

Februar 15, 2021

Liebe Freunde des Jemen, ich grüße Euch alle herzlich - guten Wochenstart! Es ist mir ein großes Anliegen Euch allen für

Projekte für die Landwirtschaft

Oktober 25, 2020

Liebe Freunde des Jemen, im Oktober 2020 konnte Yemen-Friends dank Eurer Spenden und mit Hilfe der Sonderspende und der Zusammenarbeit

Gesundheits- und Medikamentenversorgung durch YF

September 25, 2020

Liebe Freunde des Jemen, dank Eurer Spenden sowie in Zusammenarbeit und mit Hilfe von INSAN für Menschenrechte und Frieden e.V.

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