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Our mission

The humanitarian situation in Yemen is deteriorating by the hour. The escalating conflict has put millions of people at risk and has led to some of the worst situation of hunger and malnutrition in the world. It is a problem that requires the aid and assistance of people working together to alleviate these conditions. The Yemeni community works tirelessly to help their families and friends in the troubled country. Friends and colleagues who worked or still working with international projects decided to establish a newly named voluntary non-profit local organisation.

Yemen Friends is a Yemeni voluntary organisation that aims to help the most war affected families in Yemen with food baskets and to bring a little happiness into the lives of many families.

  • We are providing immediate assistance to areas severely affected by the ongoing war in Yemen.
  • We are mainly focused on providing financial assistance to support the work of the volunteers inside Yemen who are in the field tending the injured, distributing medical supplies and providing food baskets to the most war affected families in Yemen.
  • We also strive to provide monthly food supplies as well as food trucks for individuals and families in the form of basic and essential staples such as rice, flour and oil.

What we do

Food packages, vouchers and direct cash are the most effective and efficient instruments to provide fast relief.
Over the next few weeks and months, we will be working with our local partners to:

Food for Displaced Families

Distribute food packages for displaced families who had been forced to move from their homes in Taiz and Haja, and are currently living in Sana’a.

Food for Neighbours

Distribute food packages for displaced neighbours, family members and friends who are struggling to meet basic needs, and facing hunger on a daily basis.

Food Vouchers

Distribute food vouchers to families whose homes were destroyed in the conflict. These vouchers will give families access to wheat, rice, oil, beans and sugar to feed them for 4 months.

Small Cash Transfers

Cash money transfer to poor families who are struggling to provide food for their families.

Cholera Medical Aid

Cholera is affecting every part of the country and health facilities are struggling to cope. We support with cholera medical aid to the affected.

Winter Clothing

We provide winter clothing to orphan children during the cold season of the year.

Who we are

Yemen Friends Team is raising funds to support emergency life-saving initiatives for Yemenis urgently in need of medical supplies and food. We are working hard to get donations from personal donors and charities. All of our team members are volunteers, so all funds go directly to purchase the food and medical items.

Support us

Help us change lives of Yemen people for the better.

Check out our FB and join Yemen Friends against hunger

Share this information inviting friends to join our campaign.

Spread this in your community among friends and family.


  •   +967-777168721 (mobile)
  •   Sana'a, Republic of Yemen

Social Impact Intended

Food Packages
Yemen is a wonderful country with very warm hearted and respectable people. My life and memories of Yemen are filled with love, laughters and delightful moments. I love the Yemeni people and the current situation breaks my heart. Especially seeing that so many innocent families and especially children are involved in a conflict that is affecting and threatening their life and well-being. Therefore I support Yemen Friends in order to support the most needed and for the distribution of food packages for displaced families and children to have at least their basic needs and to have chances to lead a decent life. I urge you to also support Yemen Friends due to the fact that the funds are directly reaching the needy public, THANK YOU!
Tarek Abulzahab

Tarek Abulzahab

GIZ Contribution Manager
I feel blessed to have experienced Yemen as a beautiful country and I felt most welcome during my visit. It is simply heart-breaking to see this desperate situation, which especially affects the weakest members of a Society: families, children and the elderly. Let us help Yemen Friends providing support for these innocent people’s basic needs!
Dr. Maike Dziomba

Dr. Maike Dziomba

Real Estate Researcher
My family and I lived in Yemen for 5 years. In the period from 2006 to 2011, we got to know the beautiful country and above all the warm and helpful Yemenis. We've made many friendships during this time, which continue today. In these very difficult times for Yemen and its people, we support 'Yemen Friends', because the aid reaches the most vulnerable, the poorest and the most vulnerable.
Markus Nirschl

Markus Nirschl



Please contact us directly via e-mail and we will send you all required information.


Yemen Friends Ramadan-Hilfsaktion Mai 2019

Mai 10, 2019: Yemen Friends erste Ramadan-Hilfsaktion Mai 2019 YF Video-Aufnahmen von unserer Ramadan Hilfsaktion in Jemen. Diese Filme wurden von unserem Team vor Ort gefilmt. Hier sind mehre Bilder von unserer Verteilung von Essenspaketen für 48 hilfsbedürftige und geflüchtete Familien aus der Stadt Hodeida, Hajjah und Saadah die wegen des dortigen Krieges in die […]

Food baskets including cheese, biscuits and sweets for children

Here are some pictures from our YF Team food baskets distribution for displaced families, orphan children and internally displaced people (IDPs). Further 45 food packs were distributed today to 45 of the poorest and most vulnerable internally displaced families in Sanaa. Because of the war and military confrontations in recent weeks and months, mainly women […]

Schon wieder, nur noch Haut und Knochen!

Das Leiden von mangelernährten Kindern im Jemen. Dieser Film wurden von Yemen Friends Team vor Ort gefilmt. Immer wenn wir denken es geht nicht schlimmer, werden wir schmerzlichst überrascht. Während unserer Verteilung von Essenspaketen in ländlichen Dörfern in der Provinz Al-Hodeidah haben wir eine Reihe von Kindern gefunden, die an schwerer Unterernährung leiden.   Das […]

Zwei größere Hilfsprojekte im Januar 2019

Liebe Freunde Ich freue mich, Euch heute mitteilen zu können, dass wir durch eure Hilfe im Januar 94 Lebensmittelpakete verteilt haben. Diese Hilfslieferungen wurden an hilfsbedürftige und geflüchtete Familien aus Hodeida und Hajjah gegeben, die wegen des dortigen Krieges in die Hauptstadt Sana‘a geflohen sind. Jeder Lebensmittelkorb enthält 25 kg Mehl, 10 kg Reis und […]

31. Dezember 2018: Winterpakete und Neujahrsgeschenke

Liebe Freunde Ich freue mich, euch heute mitteilen zu können, dass wir im Dezember Winterpakete mit notwendigen Lebensmitteln und Decken für 234 hilfsbedürftige geflüchtete und Waisenkinder und ihre Familien im Jemen verteilt haben. Die Pakete enthalten Winter Decken, wärmende Kinderkleidung und Grundnahrungsmittel wie 25 kg Weizen, 10 kg Zucker, 10 kg Reis, 4 Liter Speiseöl, […]

Spendenaktion – Jemen-Nothilfe vor Ort Wir dürfen nicht wegschauen

„Yemen Friends“ hilft vor Ort, dort wo Hilfe dringend benötigt wird „Yemen Friends“ Verein ruft zur Weihnachts-Spenden-Aktion für die Frauen und Mädchen im Jemen auf, um deren Leid und Hunger zu lindern. Frauen kommen beim Essen als letzte dran, und sie kriegen weniger ab. Gleichzeitig sind sie für die Versorgung der ganzen Familie zuständig. Im […]

Yemen Ramadan-Activities May and June 2018

Dear Friends of Yemen YF Team continues its efforts to help the needy families & children with food packages during the holy month of Ramadan. 14th +15th May 2018 YF Ramadan rounds of 35 food baskets distribution 28th +29th May 2018 YF Ramadan rounds of 40 food baskets distribution We are happy to inform you […]

Ninth round of food baskets distribution

March 2018 Providing Hungry children and their families with food baskets in Sana’a. Yemen Friends team completed the ninth distribution round of food baskets at Madhbah areas in the capital Sana’a for most vulnerable children and their families. Here are some pictures from the distribution. We, on behalf of our NGO and all the children in need, thank […]