Faraj Al Matari: Today we were able to buy all the relief items which contain 20 food baskets, each food basket containing flour, wheat, sugar, rice and cooking oil as well as 20 winter blankets and sheets large size.

Over the next few days, our team will distribute this large quantity to 20 families in need. These families have already been identified.

Distribution locations will be in Sana’a and the following areas have been identified: Hayziz district in the south of Sana’a where there are many displaced families and whose homes are being demolished and the airport district and surrounding areas, where the presence of the poorest families was monitored.

After receiving the last donations and completing the fourth distribution stage, we will be able to target 40 to 60 families by the end of December.

This means that with the end of this year 2017 and since the beginning of our activity we will have targeted and served about 100 to 120 families.

I am really happy with what we have achieved and what we will achieve in the future.