Thanks to your donations as well as in cooperation and with the help of INSAN for Human Rights and Peace e.V., Yemen-Friends was able to carry out another aid project in Yemen despite many security risks. We have provided 80 needy and refugee families around the capital Sana’a with the necessary food. In addition, as part of the YF medication sponsorship program for health and medication care, we have succeeded in providing people (especially widows and disabled children) with the medication they urgently need to treat their serious illnesses.

Besides our monthly activities of distributing food baskets and stuffs, YF Team decided to develop an emergency health and pharmaceutical relief program and will cover the following: Patient sponsorship project through which medicines will be provided to treat severe diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease and blood pressure, as well as the medical supplies, drugs, and nutritional supplement materials will be provided.

Please, watch the video of our relief project in April 2020.

Yemen Friends Team are on site and provide emergency aid to the people in Yemen.

You have shown us again that together we can make a huge success possible with large and small donations – Shawkran (Thank you very much)!

Yemen Friends Team never give up to continue saving the lives of the most affected families in Yemen !!