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Ninth round of food baskets distribution

March 2018 Providing Hungry children and their families with food baskets in Sana’a. Yemen Friends team completed the ninth distribution round of food baskets at Madhbah areas in the capital Sana’a for most vulnerable children and their families. Here are some pictures from the distribution. We, on behalf of our NGO and all

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Shaimaa and the War on Children in Yemen

By Faraj al-Matari. This is a story I want to share with you. Shaimaa is a 9-year-old girl living with her mother and her grandfather. She has 3 brothers and sisters: Her elder sister is 11 and her younger brother is 5 years old. Shaimaa lives in Sana’a in a

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As every year, the Muscat based SLOBIS, a multinational group of friends and sport enthusiasts, are taking part in the Muscat Marathon 2018! This year they are dedicating their run to the people of Yemen in need of relief and hope. They have joined up with the initiative YEMEN FRIENDS

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Moving on to the South of Sana’a

Faraj Al Matari: Today, we are pleased to inform you that our Team could complete the first part of the fourth round of food packages and winter blankets distributions for poorest and displaced families in the south of Sana’a (Haziz area). Many thanks to all donators and sponsors for the

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Next support rounds started

Faraj Al Matari: Today we were able to buy all the relief items which contain 20 food baskets, each food basket containing flour, wheat, sugar, rice and cooking oil as well as 20 winter blankets and sheets large size. Over the next few days, our team will distribute this large

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food packages and winter blankets distributions

Faraj Al Matari: Today, your Yemen Friends Team was able to complete the third round of food packages and winter blankets distributions to the poorest and displaced  families struggling to meet their basic needs. Distribution locations: Sanaa (Hayziz, Haziz, ahrir and Airport in the south of Sanaa where there are many displaced

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The Story of Zahrah

Faraj Al-Matari. This is a story I wanted to share with you, which I experienced during our second round of food distribution in October 2017 in one of the poorest areas western Sana’a. In this area, live the majority of displaced families, who have been forced to leave their villages

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Hello world!

Today, your Yemen Friends Org distributed food baskets to a number of displaced families and the poorest in Sana’a. With help of our friends’ donations, our YF Team was able to complete the second round of food distributions. Thanks to all our donors for supporting Yemen Friends Org. humanitarian work

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