Spendenaktion – Jemen-Nothilfe vor Ort Wir dürfen nicht wegschauen

„Yemen Friends“ hilft vor Ort, dort wo Hilfe dringend benötigt wird „Yemen Friends“ Verein ruft zur Weihnachts-Spenden-Aktion für die Frauen und Mädchen im Jemen auf, um deren Leid und Hunger zu lindern. Frauen kommen beim Essen als letzte dran, und sie kriegen weniger ab. Gleichzeitig sind sie für die Versorgung der ganzen Familie zuständig. Im […]

YF Delivers 52 Food Assistance to Hundreds of Newly displaced families and IDPs from Al-Hodeida-Yemen

Dear Friends of Yemen YF Team continues its efforts to provide regular monthly care to protect and save the lives of more families & children in Yemen. In the past months ‚Yemen Friends –Relief- Organization‘ was able to implement many emergency projects and relief activities that targeted and helped more than 275 displaced, affected families […]

Ninth round of food baskets distribution

March 2018 Providing Hungry children and their families with food baskets in Sana’a. Yemen Friends team completed the ninth distribution round of food baskets at Madhbah areas in the capital Sana’a for most vulnerable children and their families. Here are some pictures from the distribution. We, on behalf of our NGO and all the children in need, thank […]

18 food baskets for displaced neighbours, family members and orphans with in Sana’a

Today, our Yemen Friends team was able to complete the seventh round of food baskets distribution in the capital Sana’a for many displaced neighbours, family members and orphans. Many thanks to all donators and sponsors for the great efforts in supporting our team’s humanitarian missions in Yemen. Best regards and thanks to our international team […]

Internally displaced people and orphans children supported with 22 food baskets in Shamlan area

Today, our Yemen Friends team completed the sixth distribution phase of food baskets distribution at Shamlan area in the capital Sana’a for many displaced, families and orphans children. One of the families that we targeted today was displaced by the war from the northern Saada city on the Saudi border. This family has five blind […]


As every year, the Muscat based SLOBIS, a multinational group of friends and sport enthusiasts, are taking part in the Muscat Marathon 2018! This year they are dedicating their run to the people of Yemen in need of relief and hope. They have joined up with the initiative YEMEN FRIENDS and aim at collecting donations […]